Get Your Free Trial IP

SLL customers (Fortune Global 500’s, research institutes, government agencies and SME’s) use our memory controller IP in a very wide range of commercial applications. To help us understand your specific free trial requirements, and to help us give you the best advice and guidance, please fill in as many fields as possible in the contact form below. Universities, research institutions and hardware manufacturers also use sll’s ip’s. Requests for non-commercial use can be sent to info@synaptic-labs.Com. Thank you!

Trial IP’s come with reference designs, so customers can start easily and quickly. SLL reference designs have been downloaded many thousands of times. Reference designs are targeted to the customers FPGA board and preferred memory devices.

SLL’s hardware partners also bundle SLL IP with their development boards. Their FAE’s also support customers using SLL IP’s. One example is INTEL with their Cyclone 10 LP Eval Kit. End customers and FAE’s can use this contact form to request the latest updated SLL free trial IP for your board. Or send your enquiry to

Note: SLL IP’s are professionally designed and maintained commercial IP’s. Free trial IP’s are provided under licence, for project evaluation purposes only. All other use is subject to commercial licensing terms. Every effort is made to negotiate a licensing model and fees that match your project requirements.

Notes and Consent

SLL reserves the right to decide who can receive its free trial IP. By you answering as many of the above questions as possible, SLL will be better informed about your specific project requirements, and free trial options. Also, we can then offer suggestions on options and configurations that might best help you to achieve your objectives. Please note: SLL staff are xSPI memory controller domain experts. Therefore usually SLL is able to support you and provide suggestions and options for best results, without needing any access to your confidential information!

SLL is the chosen xSPI memory controller partner for ~9 memory vendors. So we receive rapid support on behalf of our customers if memory vendor technical support is required.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions that you might have about the use of these low-pin count, lower power memories. Ask SLL for a voice call if that suits you better, or use our online chat option.  We will respond as soon as possible. We are here to help.

We also happily work with your FPGA and memory vendors FAE's, and your electronics distributor FAE's (e.g. Arrow, etc).