SLL customers are in many regions and industries


Subsidiaries of Fortune Global 500 companies such as Raytheon Technologies and Caterpillar

World industry leaders in communications, industrial control and automation systems in Germany, China and other countries

Government agencies e.g. the Singapore National Institute SIMTech, A*STAR, and national research institutions e.g.  TRIUMF (Canada)

FAE of the major electronics distribution companies (Arrow, Digi-Key, Macnica and others) in all regions, and their customers

Large and small companies in many industries from the US, across the EU and in other regions, including Asia

Design houses in different countries making products and systems for industrial and government customers including the USA government

Some examples:


SLL IP's are employed commercially and industrially in both mass market and very high value products and systems, including:

  • Multiple FPGA vendors use SLL IP on their FPGA's for internal testing and validation with multiple memory vendors xSPI-like memory devices

  • Multiple memory vendors use SLL IP for internal testing and validation of many of their xSPI-like memory devices, including on multiple FPGA vendors FPGA's

  • Multiple FPGA and memory vendors use SLL IP in their own development boards, customer eval kits and customer demonstrators (eg Intel uses SLL IP in their Cyclone 10 LP Eval Kit)

  • Internal product development testing processes

  • Testing and correction of simulation models and defect testing of hardware

  • Semiconductor IP vendors use SLL IP's in their customer demonstrators and customer reference designs

  • Industrial control systems

  • Industrial automation systems

  • Medical products

  • Dental products

  • Transport (trains and helicopters)

  • Aerospace mission management systems

  • Industrial lighting

  • Electricity generation and distribution testing equipment

  • Photonics and communication systems

  • Semiconductor test equipment

  • Video systems

  • Radar and other imaging and sensor products and systems

  • Scientific measuring and testing equipment

  • Digital cutting machines

  • COTS FPGA development boards as bundled IP

  • Others


SLL’s DOMAIN EXPERTISE, our many PARTNERSHIPS, and our EXTENSIVE HARDWARE TESTING, brings to your projects high assurances of success.

We provide rapid, domain expert, support. Our IP is validated on a wide range of memories, and a wide range of FPGA’s. Over the years, many unexpected issues have been resolved.

Our IP is constantly maintained and improved. This is based on feedback from our customers and Partners, and their real world use in many applications, on a wide range of FPGA devices.

SLL’s low cost IP reduces your risks, and ultimately saves you time and money.

SLL as Expert Intermediary:
SLL has an extensive circle of partners. Customers can rely on SLL as a one stop shop for a wide range of domain expertise for our IP’s. SLL is the official partner of many of the manufacturers. SLL receives fast support from our partners on behalf of our customers whenever needed.