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Get more from your FPGA and SOC configuration flash!

The newest addition to SLL’s IP portfolio allows you to replace your design’s slow SPI or QSPI configuration flash with a fast, low pin count, 200 MHz DDR x8 NOR Flash.  Your design will still power-on in legacy SPI or QSPI mode, to configure the FPGA at full SPI or QSPI performance.  So this solution is suitable for PCIe and other fast-boot applications that require full QSPI performance.  The difference:  SLL IP instantiated in the FPGA fabric enables access to the x8 configuration NOR Flash device in high throughput 8D-8D-8D mode, for far superior run-time performance after boot.  So, selecting a 200 MHz xSPI configuration flash gives your design so much more.  It can reduce your BoM through potentially less memories in your design, less board area, and increased run-time system performance with lower pin-count.  Also suitable for use with very low pin count multi-chip packages which combine PSRAM and NOR Flash die in the one BGA24 package.  SLL’s solution natively supports Intel Quartus Programmer for maximum ease of use.
For Cyclone 10LP, Cyclone IV
  •  For Cyclone V, Cyclone 10 GX, Arria V, Arria 10, Stratix V, Stratix 10, Agilex 10.
For all Xilinx Series 7.
  •  For Microchip PolarFire SPI Master configuration.
Read more here.

SLL products are highly innovative and generally easy to use


xSPI Multiple Bus Memory Controller (xSPI-MBMC) v3
This IP is very small.  This one IP supports the wide range of xSPI-style NOR Flash and PSRAM memories (JEDEC xSPI Profile 1.0 and 2.0, HyperBus 1.0 and 2.0, OctaBus and Xccela Bus) that are available now from many memory vendors.  xSPI-like memories offer good performance with lower hardware and power costs.  Options include up to 200 MHz DDR, with x8 and x16 data paths, a wide range of package options including 4mm x 4mm BGA49 and tiny WLCSP footprints, and some PRSAM devices with internal ECC.  SLL’s small xSPI MBMC IP enables you to easily evaluate, select and adopt the benefits of the latest xSPI-style memories in your projects and products. Read more about xSPI MBMC here.

The HyperBus 1.0 Memory Controller (HBMC) v3.
This small IP supports all the HyperFlash Generation 1.0 devices from multiple memory vendors. This includes all HyperRAM, HyperFlash and HyperMCP (MultiChip Package) Generation 1.0 devices. Read more about HBMC here.

SLL also supports customers transitioning to the faster and lower power HyperBus Generation 2.0 devices. This requires SLL’s xSPI MBMC IP.

For the best HyperBus and xSPI memory controller you should always select SLL’s xSPI MBMC IP. This is because the xSPI MBMC IP :
– Supports all the HyperBus 1.0 devices
– Supports all the faster, and even lower power, HyperBus 2.0 devices
– Supports the OctaBus, Xccela Bus and similar devices
– It is very easy to swap between all these xSPI and xSPI-like protocols using xSPI MBMC IP
– xSPI MBMC IP supports more FPGA device families from the major FPGA vendors
– xSPI MBMC IP gives you maximum design flexibility and choice for xSPI-type memories and FPGA families supported.
– You can choose from the wide range of devices offered by our many partners and supported vendors. Select your preferred FPGA, memory and footprint sizes, capabilities, multiple sources of supply, and pricing.

Bi-directional channel over xSPI target IP.   Use this IP for high bandwidth, low latency, communications between {ASIC MCU <-> FPGA}, and {FPGA <-> FPGA} over xSPI protocol.  This IP is used commercially with SLL’s xSPI MBMC v3 IP.  It is also compatible with a broad range of other memory controllers.   Read more about the bi-directional channel IP here.

SLL’s Tiny Cache T003 for Intel FPGAs.
Potentially huge software performance acceleration with extremely low resource costs e.g. for Nios II/e and /f designs.  This product is a tiny, high performance, set-associative write-through cache for use with on-chip and off-chip flash.   Read more here.


Breakthrough embedded Memory Management (MMU) / Memory Protection (MPU) Solutions.
Patents awarded (USA, South Korea, … ) and pending in many countries.  This invention offers significant technical advances over existing MMU’s and MPU’s in the majority of 32-bit and 64-bit embedded designs.
This tiny footprint solution delivers exceptional real-time memory management capabilities for processors and peripherals in embedded systems.
Tiny footprint allows for MMU/MPU capabilities even in very resource constrained designs. Options include combining the most important features and capabilities of a memory protection unit (MPU) and a memory management unit (MMU) in ONE tiny module. Read more here.

Breakthrough multi- and many-core Safe and Secure RealTime Architecture (SSRT). Multiple patents awarded. SSRT will:
– support all realtime operating systems
– processor agnostic
– statically time analysable
– simplifies writing realtime software
– higher performance
– and more.
Read more about SSRT here.

Patents Awarded from USA to Asia!

SLL customers use our soft IP's in a very wide range of applications


SLL supplies IP to, and supports our customers in, many countries. This includes customers in the USA and Canada, in EU member states including Germany, Italy, France and others, in China and Japan, in Switzerland and in countries in other regions. SLL has an excellent track record of supporting our customers to project success. This includes Fortune Global 500’s, specialist companies that are global leaders in their fields, national research institutions, government agencies, and small to medium sized enterprises.

SLL customers also include FPGA and ASIC design houses, that are making products and systems for important customers and also for governments, including the USA.

Customers use SLL IP’s:
– in a very wide range of applications
– on a wide range of FPGA device families from several FPGA device vendors.
Some SLL IP is now being ported to ASIC.

Read more about our customers and how they use SLL’s IP’s here.

SLL Memory, FPGA and Board Partners

Memory Partners:
SLL’s official partners include many of the leading global memory vendors.  SLL works closely with our partners to ensure SLL’s memory controllers are physically qualified with their memory device families.

FPGA Partners: 
SLL has official partnerships with Intel and Microchip (Microsemi).  SLL IP supports a very broad range of Intel FPGA device families, and MCHP’s PolarFire family.  SLL IP also supports a very broad range of Xilinx FPGA device families.  SLL’s IP can be ported to support others FPGA vendors, including Efinix and Lattice.

Board Partners:
SLL partners also include board makers that bundle SLL IP with their COTS development boards and System-on-Modules (SoM). This includes Intel, Trenz Electronic and Aries Embedded.  Due to the close collaboration between SLL and our board partners, memory partners and FPGA partners, it is now possible for you to access very low cost COTS evaluation and development boards.  This means customers can quickly and very cheaply evaluate many of the new JEDEC xSPI, HyperBus, OctaBus and Xccela Bus memories supported by SLL’s memory controller IP’s on a range of FPGA device families.

SLL Reference Designs:
SLL reference designs have been downloaded thousands of times. We provide reference designs with our Free Trial and Production IP’s, so customers can start easily and quickly.

Read more about our partners here.

SLL's domain expertise and ecosystem of partnerships delivers comprehensive customer support


JEDEC xSPI and xSPI-like memory domain expertise.
SLL arguably offers the most comprehensive domain expertise support services for the wide range of JEDEC xSPI Profile 1.0 and 2.0, HyperBus 1.0 and 2.0, OctaBus and Xccela Bus memories from our many memory vendor partners.

SLL have years of expertise and experience supporting very large and small projects through to success on a wide range of FPGA device families from multiple FPGA vendors. Our skills and our extensive circle of partnerships is available to support you, to ensure your projects success at lowest cost, in lowest time, and with lowest risk.

Intel FPGA Quartus Platform Designer resource shrink and performance optimisation.
SLL designers can significantly reduce the circuit area and improve static timing of complex Nios II/f and Avalon based Quartus Platform Designer (QSYS) projects.  Fit more in your target FPGA device, or aim to select a smaller, cheaper, lower power FPGA device. Optionally add xSPI and xSPI-like memories to reduce pin count and power costs.  Read more here.

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Free Trials

Free Trials and Reference Designs:
SLL provides free trials with reference designs for several of our IP’s.  SLL reference designs have been downloaded thousands of times. Contact us to request your free trial here!

SLL as Expert Intermediary:
SLL’s extensive circle of partners means customers can rely on SLL as a one stop shop for a wide range of domain expertise for our IP’s.   As the official partner of many of the manufacturers, SLL receives fast support from our partners on behalf of our customers whenever needed.

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