Field Application Engineers

SLL often provides domain expert support to the sales staff and Field Application Engineers (and their customers) of our hardware partners and supported hardware vendors.

SLL also supports the sales staff and FAE’s of their channel partners (for example, Arrow, Macnica, Altima, and many others.)

FAE’s are supported in many countries, from USA, across the EU, the Middle East, and across Asia.

SLL provides domain expert guidance to assist FAE’s and their end customers to adopt the exciting new xSPI and similar memories into their projects, with least effort and lowest cost.

FAE’s and sales staff can obtain from SLL free trial IP’s, free reference designs, and related technical materials.

SLL has supported FAE’s and their end customers including Fortune Global 500’s in the USA and other industry leaders in many countries.

Our experienced staff are always available to guide towards project success. FAE’s can contact us on .