Synaptic Laboratories Ltd

SLL partners and supported FPGA and memory vendors

Company Information

SLL is focussed on the design and delivery of fundamental breakthrough technologies to create Safe And Secure solutions that deliver exceptional performance, with Ease Of Use, in Programmable Computing (FPGA) and ASIC devices.

SLL’s embedded software innovation has been recognised by our customers and partners. Major FPGA, memory, and development board makers now officially partner with SLL. This ensures SLL IP is validated on a wide range of physical devices. SLL customers are located in most geographical regions, and include Fortune Global 500’s, government agencies, and SME’s from USA and Canada to China. SLL customers use SLL IP in a wide range of applications, from mission critical high value through to mass production products and systems.

SLL works with and remotely supports global sales staff and Field Application Engineers (FAE) from all our Partner companies: Intel, Microchip, and all our memory vendor partners. We also support the sales and FAE staff of our Partners channel partners: for example from the leading electronics distribution companies like Arrow, Arrow Asica, Arrow Europe, Macnica, Altima, Elsena, EFO Ltd. and more.

Synaptic Labs offers a range of highly innovative soft IP products that are designed to significantly reduce project hardware costs while delivering the same or far superior performance. More information can be found here, on this website. The best place to start is on the HOME page of this website.

For example, Synaptic Labs’ offers a revolutionary new memory management invention (patents awarded and pending globally) that significantly reduces the amount of circuit area require to implement the functionality found in memory management units (MMU) and memory protection units (MPU). MMU and MPU capabilities (including options for unifying both types of capabilities in one solution) therefore become far more viable options in smaller and lower cost hardware devices that previously could not afford the benefits of these technologies.

The Company’s key managers are Australian’s based in the beautiful nation of Georgia. We enjoy the collaboration and support of our wide range of Partners and their professional and technical experts from Europe, the USA, and Asia. Synaptic Labs’ lead design engineers have gathered more than 20 years experience each in FPGA hardware design. We work with Fortune Global 500’s, government agencies through to SME’s, to help ensure their project success. We welcome your enquiries.