License and Confidentiality Agreement

SLL Legal Agreement Number: 

July 1, 2018

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Benjamin Gittins

Chief Technical Officer
Tel: +995 551 026 588

Synaptic Laboratories Ltd.
Company ID 41272593

License and Confidentiality Agreement (the ‘Agreement’) for the use of Synaptic Laboratories Ltd. (SLL) Intellectual Property (IP) on 
Intel Corporation products

SLL Legal Agreement Number:

Issued by the Authorised Product Distributer and Licensor: 
           Synaptic Laboratories Ltd
           Company ID 41272593

Issued to:  
           Intel Corporation customers

Issued on:
           July 1, 2018


Intel Corporation ( “INTEL”, ) sell Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and System on Chip (SoC) FPGA devices and HyperBus enabled development boards.   Synaptic Laboratories Ltd ( SLL, ) provides the HyperBus Memory Controller (HBMC) IP that is promoted by the HyperBus memory manufacturers and other key companies including INTEL (in the context of their IntelⓇ CycloneⓇ 10 LP Evaluation Kit Board), Arrow and more.

SLL has agreed that INTEL may distribute Free Trial Licenses for one or more SLL Licensed Product/s for use on INTEL products.   Under the collaboration between SLL and INTEL, INTEL may:  (a) bundle Free Trials of SLL Licensed Product/s and their associated licensing agreements in INTEL reference designs; and  (b) distribute those reference designs to their customers using any communications means of INTEL’S choice.

This License and Confidentiality Agreement (this “Agreement”) is entered into between Synaptic Laboratories Ltd (SLL) as the authorised IP distributor and Licensor, and You as the Licensee.  This document controls the right to Use, and the Provisions of Use, of SLL Licensed Product/s in INTEL reference designs and products.


By:  (a) downloading, installing, copying or Using the Licensed Product; or  (b) by paying a license fee to the Licensor; or  (c) by completing this License Agreement online by electronic means or in hard copy on paper, You acknowledge that You have read this Agreement, understand it, accept it and agree to be bound by all its Provisions.   [P.5.1]

If You do not agree to be bound by, or the entity for whose benefit You act has not authorised You to accept, these Provisions, do not download, copy, install or Use the Licensed Product.   [P.5.2]

If You have already downloaded the Licensed Product, for example as part of a reference design, or in any other way, please uninstall and delete it and irrevocably destroy any copies You have made as soon as possible.  If You have received a copy of the Licensed Product on DVD or other manner than electronic download, then contact the Licensor to arrange for the return of the Licensed Product unused to the Licensor as soon as possible.   [P.5.3]

Licensee details

The Licensee is any person or organisation that has possession of or use of an INTEL reference design or product, and who has accepted and demonstrated execution of this Agreement with all its Provisions by downloading and Using SLL’s Licensed Product. 

This Agreement comprises more than one document

This Agreement includes one or more other documents that are incorporated by reference into this Agreement in their entirety.

a) The full text of the following document is incorporated into this Agreement:

Definitions, Extended Terms and Conditions, Version 1.01, 1 July 2018
SLL Legal Agreement Number:  LA-ID-0007

Length: 14 pages

Link to the full text:
(SHA-256 digest: 087f874181beb7fe49b2f3898a887c60bc0c33ca7538c99592cb100a750f7bfc) 

This document is hereafter called the “Extended Terms” document.  When this Agreement references a specific Provision in the Extended Terms document, it will for example be written as P.1.2.3.

b) One or more License Credentials may be associated with this Agreement. The License Credentials may be written directly into this Agreement, and/or may be written in one or more separate documents.  All License Credentials in a separate document that cite this SLL Legal Agreement Number LAIDX-00000212 are incorporated fully by reference into this Agreement.

When You Use SLL Licensed Product You are demonstrating acceptance and execution of the full Agreement that includes the full text of this Agreement, with the associated License Credential/s including any written in a separate document, and the full text of the Extended Terms document.

License Credential for SLL’s HyperBus Memory Controller IP (HBMC) On Intel FPGA and SoC FPGA Devices for HyperRAM and HyperFlash

SLL License Credential Number LC-ID-0000008 grants the Licensee a “Free Trial Licence for the Full Edition of S/Labs HBMC IP for Intel FPGA with 10 minute runtime and no license expiration date.”   That License Credential also grants the Licensee a Free Trail License to Use “S/Labs Memory Region Bridge IP for Intel FPGA devices”.   LC-ID-00000008 is published in a separate text file.  This file can typically be found in the SLL HBMC IP folder of reference designs containing our IP.   The Quartus Prime License Key is embedded in LC-ID-00000008.   If required, search the phrase “Intel FPGA Software Installation and Licensing Quick Start” on the Internet for guidance on how to install the License Key in Quartus Prime.

Modifications to this License Agreement

Recall that this Agreement is comprised of this text and the text found in other documents that are incorporated herein by reference.   All text must be considered together, and be accepted as forming one complete Agreement.   See Provision [P.12.8] of the Extended Terms for more information.

Modifications can be made to this agreement by mutual agreement between the Parties through any of the following methods:

a) SLL issues a License Credential to You and You Use that Credential to demonstrate acceptance of any new Provisions contained in that further License Credential; or

b) SLL issues at your request a Quote and You subsequently accept that Quote in writing or through SLL’s online License Assistant; or

c) in written form that is duly signed by authorised representatives of both Parties.   [P.12.9]

Signature for the Authorised Product Distributer and Licensor

Synaptic Laboratories Ltd.

Name:           Benjamin Aaron Gittins
Job Title:     Chief Technical Officer
Phone:          +995 551 026 588
Date:              1 July 2018

End of the License and Confidentiality Agreement for the use of Synaptic Laboratories Ltd. (SLL) Intellectual
Property (IP) on Intel Corporation products with SLL Legal Agreement Number LA-IDX-00000212.