Supported Memory Vendors

SLL’s xSPI Multiple Bus Memory Controller (xSPI MBMC) supports the widest range of x8 NOR Flash and x4/x8/x16 PSRAM (with internal ECC) and soon x8 MRAM memories, in a wide range of protocols (HyperBus, OctaBus, Xccela Bus, ….), storage capacities (32 Mbit to 2 Gbit), package formats (WLCSP, BGA24, BGA49) and temperature grades from our partners and supported memory device vendors. 

Click on the company names below to see the xSPI MBMC product page dedicated to that memory vendor’s product families:

SLL works closely with all these memory vendors to validate our memory controller working correctly in hardware with those devices.

SLL also acts as the expert intermediary between customers and our memory vendor partners. 

SLL supports large and small customers to successfully adopt these new memories.

Contact us at if you want to learn more about the memories we support from any particular memory vendor.