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SLL's SLL-CL-MBMC (v3.2.x)
memory controller IP for the
Critical Link MitySOM-C10L Development Kit

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  • MitySOM-C10L additional information webpage “here” .

Please fill out this form after you
have purchased a supported third party
Systems on Module (SOM) Development Kit.

SLL xSPI memory controller customers include Fortune Global 500’s, research institutes, government agencies and SME’s around the globe. They use SLL’s IP in a very wide range of commercial and other applications. Hardware manufacturers, including chip and xSPI memory makers, use SLL IP for a wide range of purposes including internal testing and validation of their hardware.
This greatly reduces risks for companies adopting xSPI memories into their projects. SLL also acts as the domain expert and intermediary between customers and memory vendors if in depth technical support is required.

SLL is the sole authorized supplier of xSPI memory controller IP for some SOM and Development Kit manufacturers. Sometimes SLL supplies “no fee” versions of our xSPI memory controller and reference designs specifically targeted to the manufacturers products. This makes adoption fast and easy for the manufacturers customers.

Fill out this form to register your supported SOM Development Kit. SLL will use the data you provide to confirm your eligibility to receive the “no fee” R&D version of the xSPI memory controller IP that is specially targeted to that Kit. After confirmation SLL will contact you with instructions to receive the IP.

PRODUCTION LICENSES: All verified customers will receive an SLL customer number. Then you can request the ‘fee free’ R&D & Production version of the SLL IP.

Please answer all questions in the Request Form. If for any reason you cannot complete the questions then please email your request to

If for any reason you cannot complete this form please email your enquiry to