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  • Creates COTS soft IP products for use in hardware
  • Licenses cores globally for use in FPGA and ASIC
  • Creates IP’s on customer request
  • Invents large scale innovations (patents awarded)
  • Provides specialist domain services
  • Delivers excellent customer service
  • Supports Partners FAE and customers in many regions



21-23 JUNE, 2022


Achieve more from your
FPGA configuration flash

Replace your slow SPI or QSPI FPGA fabric configuration flash device with a fast, low pin count, 200 MHz DDR x8 xSPI NOR Flash die with optional shared PSRAM on the same I/O Pins using discrete or multi-chip package.

This solution will give far superior memory bandwidth after FPGA fabric configuration, and potential to reduce your BoM through less board area and less memory devices in your design.

Multiple FPGA and NOR Flash vendors devices are supported, including exciting STT-MRAM!

xSPI Multiple Bus Memory Controller
(xSPI MBMC) v3.3x

One small memory controller IP that supports many xSPI-style NOR Flash and PSRAM memories from ~ 9 memory vendors for multiple protocols: JEDEC xSPI Profile 1.0 and 2.0, HyperBus 1.0 and 2.0, OctaBus, Octal Bus, Xccela Bus.

Memory options include: up to 250 MHz DDR, with x4, x8 and x16 data paths; several package options including 4mm x 4mm BGA49 and tiny WLCSP footprints; some PSRAM devices with internal ECC; exciting xSPI STT-MRAM; and very low I/O pin count multi-chip packages (PSRAM with Flash in ~ 12 I/O pins).

Fast and efficient
chip to chip communications over
HyperBus / OctaBus / xSPI Profile 2.0

High-bandwidth, low latency, tightly coupled bidirectional communications for 3 use cases:

  • Your chosen ASIC microcontroller unit (MCU) ↔︎ your chosen FPGA
  • Your chosen ASIC microprocessor unit (MPU) ↔︎ your chosen FPGA
  • Between your chosen FPGA’s: FPGA ↔︎ FPGA

HyperBus 1.0 Memory Controller
(HBMC) V3.1.x

This small IP is a legacy solution that supports the original HyperBus Generation 1.0 devices – HyperRAM, HyperFlash and HyperMCP (Multi-Chip Package) – sold by Cypress (now Infineon) and ISSI. Intel bundles SLL’s HBMC IP with their Cyclone 10 LP Evaluation Kit.

Today HBMC is superseded by SLL’s superior Multiple Bus Memory Controller.

C10 LP EK and all HBMC customers can easily transition to SLL’s xSPI MBMC IP (v3.3.x).

Memory Management Unit (MMU) and
Memory Protection Unit (MPU) solutions

Significant advances for MMU’s and MPU’s in embedded applications:

  • Tiny footprint solution for very resource constrained designs
  • Exceptional real-time memory management capabilities for processors and peripherals
  • Patents awarded USA, South Korea, …

One example:

  • The best features and capabilities of both a memory protection unit (MPU) and a memory management unit (MMU) in one tiny module.

Breakthrough Safe and Secure
Real Time Architecture (SSRT)

Multi-core and many-core SSRT features:

  • support for all realtime operating systems
  • processor agnostic
  • statically time analysable and improves use of all alternate timing analysis approaches
  • simplifies writing realtime software
  • higher performance
  • and more (patents awarded)

SLL Customers

SLL commercial customers include Fortune Global 500’s, government agencies, scientific organizations and institutes, and
SME’s from North America, across the EU and EFTA countries, and to Japan and China.

Some examples include:

  • Caterpillar subsidiary Progress Rail (USA)
  • Raytheon Technologies Group subsidiary Collins Aerospace (USA)
  • Microchip (USA)
  • TRIUMF (Canada)
  • SICK AG (Germany)
  • Osram (Italy)
  • Accelink (China)
  • Hamamatsu Photonics (Japan)

SLL also works with third party design houses that are working as subcontractors on commercial and government contracts

SLL also works with the FAE of SLL partner companies and with the FAE of their electronics distribution companies (Arrow, Digi-Key, Macnica and others) in all regions and with their end customers.

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SLL IP's Applications

SLL IP’s are employed commercially in many applications.

Some examples include:

  • Industrial control systems
  • Industrial automation systems
  • Medical products
  • Dental products
  • Transport (trains and helicopters)
  • Aerospace mission management systems
  • Industrial lighting
  • Electricity generation and distribution testing equipment
  • Photonics and communication systems
  • Video systems
  • Radar and other imaging and sensor products and systems
  • Scientific measuring and testing equipment
  • COTS FPGA development boards as bundled IP
  • Others

Free Trial

Free Trials and Reference Designs:
SLL provides free trials with reference designs for several of our IP’s. 
SLL reference designs have been downloaded thousands of times. 
Request your free trial here!

SLL as Expert Intermediary:
SLL’s extensive circle of partners means customers can rely on SLL as a one stop shop for a wide range of domain expertise for our IP’s.   As the official partner of many of the manufacturers, SLL receives fast support from our partners on behalf of our customers whenever needed.