SLL provides domain expert support and guidance to customers in many countries: in the USA and Canada, in countries across the EU, down to South Africa, and in Japan and China. This includes the largest companies (Fortune Global 500’s) down to small SME’s.

SLL acts as the domain expert intermediary between our customers and our memory and FPGA vendor partners. This ensures our customers get fast support, if ever this is needed for their projects.

SLL also supports the FAE’s and channel partner FAE’s of our memory and FPGA vendor partners in many countries. For example, all the major Intel channel partner FAE’s conducted training courses to use SLL’s HBMC IP which is bundled with the Intel Cyclone 10LP Eval Kit. Today we support C10LP EK customers to upgrade to SLL’s xSPI Multiple Bus Memory Controller xSPI MBMC IP.

SLL Provides Trial IP And Reference Designs To Get Customers Up And Running Fast. SLL reference designs have been downloaded many thousands of times.

SLL IP is validated on a wide range of COTS and proprietary SoM and development boards.

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Please do not hesitate to contact SLL on with your support enquiries. We are here to help your project succeed.

Memory vendors provide data sheets and specific guidance on supporting their memories in customer proprietary designs. 

Please make sure you obtain their official memory vendor integration guidance before you start your PCB schematic design.

If you are unclear, then please do not hesitate to contact us on so we can point you to the correct materials.


SLL brings a wide range of expertise and proprietary tools to help you reduce the area and increase the performance and capabilities of your Intel FPGA design.
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